Military Preparation Courses.

Our military preparation courses generally take place in Snowdonia, North Wales.

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1 day military field craft course

Our field craft courses will introduce you to the basics that all service personnel need to master. They are specifically designed to enable you to get an edge on others attempting to join the services. Being able to erect your shelter, cook a 24 hour ration pack and use your equipment  in the most effective way will give you a competitive edge and ensure your skills make an positive impact on the training team.

Field craft skills also continue as a way of life once you reach your unit. Being slick and organised is paramount to being able to work effectively whilst on exercise or deployment. All our courses can be adapted for each service and the different demands placed upon them so that each client gets the attention they need and the quality they deserve.

We have a low client to instructor ratio which means everyone gets a chance to practise and be involved in the course activities.

1 day military navigation course

Regardless of modern technology, the basics of using a map and compass will never be removed from service life. Whether on exercise or on operational duties, being able to navigate correctly is of paramount importance.

On our 1 day navigation course we will show you the fundamentals of navigating in the military environment using military equipment and methods.

You will be taught the exact navigation skills required of you when you are in training and will be used in your career in the armed services.

The emphasis is on practical learning whilst covering the required theory in a friendly and informative manner during the day.

2 day military field craft and navigation course

This course brings together both our 1 day courses and gives you an opportunity to bring two of the most important elements in service life into a sustained and informative 2 day course. Day1 will consist of an introduction to field craft and navigation whilst getting out into the local terrain. Day 2 will be a culmination of skills learnt in Day 1 whilst utilising them in a mock operational scenario through hill and mountainous terrain. This is our flagship military course and for good reason.

Military Courses

1 day field craft – ratio 1:4

1 day navigation – ratio 1:4

2 day field craft and navigation – 1:4

Individual and group

Our instructors are available for individual or group bookings. Typical courses include the following:

  1. One to one days where you may feel the need to concentrate on certain aspects.
  2. You may have an important selection course or deployment coming up and need your skills fine tuning to a particular level
  3. You may need instruction in navigation before being deployed to areas of the world where navigation is complex but essential e.g. the Arctic or Jungle.
  4. Modern technology – we can give you the confidence to use altimeters, GPS, combined units, aerial photographs etc.
  5. If you have a group of like minded people and would like a course tailored for your needs then this can be arranged.

Whatever your requirements if you can’t find them on our website please get in touch.

Our military preparation courses generally take place Snowdonia, North Wales.