Navigation Skills Course


Our navigation courses are aimed at raising your navigation skills to a level that will give you confidence to use a map and compass effectively and correctly whilst also learning about the wonders of navigation using a variety of techniques. Our courses are split into a 1 day intro course and a two day improver course. Both courses will have a strong emphasis on the practical element whilst also covering the key basics of navigational theory.

The terrain covered on both courses will normally be rolling countryside but dependant on the level of experience within the group, we may go further afield. The terrain encountered will be footpaths, hills with short steep sections and the ground underfoot will be rough, flat, wet and sometimes rocky. A general level of fitness is required.

A typical 1 day navigation intro course will consist of the following:

  1. Meet and greet 9am (indoors)
  2. Discussion about maps, equipment, planning, weather, emergency procedures and access and conservation.
  3. A journey during which we will cover various navigational techniques including pacing, timing, route finding and using a map and compass correctly.
  4. Debrief and course finish around 5pm

A typical 2 day navigation course will consist of the following:

  1. All elements included in the Day 1 intro course.
  2. A journey where the group will have contributed to the planning of the day’s route including the implementation of the techniques and knowledge gained from Day 1.
  3. Debrief and feedback
  4. Course aims to finish around 5pm

All our instructors are local, fully qualified for the course they are responsible for, fully insured and qualified first aiders


Course Dates

Navigation 1 day

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Navigation 2 day

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  • Navigation skills 1 day – Ratio 1:4 £40pp
  • Navigation skills 2 day – Ratio 1:4 £70pp

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