CAMU (22/04/2020)


CAMU is a campaign to increase, mainstream and promote a truly Welsh experience in the outdoor pursuit sector by Gwynedd, Anglesey and Conwy Welsh language Initiatives and a range of North West Wales based Outdoor Pursuit individuals/ companies. The aim is that everyone who gains outdoor pursuit experiences learn more about Wales’ language and culture, history, geography, biology, botany, indigenous Welsh names, myths and legends.

Over the next few weeks they will be shining the spotlight on outdoor adventure businesses that operate bilingually in North Wales. It's important that companies like ours are recognised for the ability to offer our services bilingually. It adds quality to the client's experience from communication through to the added knowledge of being able to pronounce place names correctly, recount local history and explain the meanings behind Welsh names for birds, flowers, wildlife etc. This often leads to conversations about the local area and communities which again adds value to the experience. We are proud to be part of CAMU and look forward to working together to highlight the added value of bilingual companies.

Take a look at their Facebook page for more info