Coronavirus - March 2020 (updated) (20/03/2020)

Coronavirus - March 2020 (updated)

This statement is to update you on what Anelu Aim Higher, as a company, is doing regarding the unprecedented situation that we all find ourselves in – UPDATED 20 March 2020.

For business clarity and safety reasons and after discussions with many of our clients we have decided to re-schedule (not cancel) some of our commitments for March, April and probably May 2020 where we are introducing large gatherings of people or where there is a requirement for many people to travel, including education and school activities, charity events and private courses. All our planned courses from May onwards that are up on our website or in place via separate bookings are still live and still proceeding as per agreed date however, these may be likely to change at short notice. We have also made a conscious effort however to lower our group ratio to four people per course or activity for the foreseeable future and will follow national guidelines as and when they change.

We also considered the people who work for us in our decision making as to expose them to unnecessary risk is not something that we would ever do.

Many of our clients travel in one way or another to our activities and use accommodation providers. Again, asking people to expose themselves and others to unnecessary risk is something we cannot do. It is very much up to the individual to decide as to their current health and potential for infection.

In recent days an unacceptable number of people have decided to travel to North Wales and this obviously increases the strain on all the services within the communities and areas of North Wales.

We promote and support the #stayathome response and the responsible use of your local outdoor areas for obvious health reasons in this testing time for all of us.

We will honour all client bookings and as always are flexible to client requests and situations.

The outdoors brings all kinds of benefits in times of challenge and stress and hopefully it can provide a place of recovery once these challenging times have passed.

We wish everyone the very best of health for the coming months, stay safe, responsible and please be kind to each other!