Helping nature (01/04/2021)

Helping nature

During the Easter holidays we'll be trying to give something back to nature in our own little way. We have a plan to build and put up five standard bird boxes as well as one swift box, one tawny owl box and a kestrel box ( long shot I know!!). We've bought some Beebombs to spread around the garden and will be extending the herbs available in the garden. Our veg patch has been designed this year to cater for nature with more sunflowers, honeysuckle and fruit trees and we'll also let some veg go to seed. Our grass will be left to grow in different heights with only the minimum cut and we'll keep a record of what new flowers and plants grow and where as well as what visits the garden during the two weeks. Started well this week with the delivery of the Beebombs and one new bird box built and put up!!