Litter - what we can do about it! (11/06/2020)

Litter - what we can do about it!

Like many people who enjoy the outdoors, we always take a bag to bring back any rubbish we find on the mountains or open areas that we travel across in the course of work or with friends and family. Sometimes the bag is overflowing when we return but it is very rarely empty! We can encourage others to do the same simply by leading by example and often I'll end up chatting with people on the paths of Snowdon when they see me descending with one, perhaps two bags of rubbish, often filled simply by clearing the summit area of Snowdon. They in turn feel they can help by bringing a bag next time they go for a walk either in North Wales or perhaps closer to home, wherever that may be.
Why not take a bag yourself and collect some litter whilst out in your local area then dispose of it responsibly. It doesn't really matter who left it there, the more positive responses we can have to litter, alongside educating those both on the hills and new to the outdoors, the better our surroundings will be!