Mountain Skills Course (19/09/2020)

Mountain Skills Course

Our latest Mountain Skills course saw us venturing to the Glyderau and Carneddau mountain ranges. Both offer something different to fulfil the mountain skills syllabus so we headed for Elidir Fawr on the first day with blustery but manageable conditions. Excellent views and mixed terrain gave us a perfect setting to highlight the skills required for a safe day on the mountains. The Carneddau gave us an opportunity to expand and consolidate the navigation skills learnt on the first day. Along the way to the summit of Bera Bach we practised micro navigation where on short sections we practised pacing and timing. The afternoon was spent introducing different scale maps within a more realistic scenario of travelling between major points. Plenty of other topics covered including planning, weather, clothing, equipment, hazards and emergency procedures, access and the environment and movement skills. Great group of clients too which added to the positive experience.

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