Scotland - Winter Skills (23/02/2019)

Scotland - Winter Skills

Our latest winter skills package saw us head towards Aviemore in Scotland. The Cairngorm mountain range is accessible from Aviemore and provides excellent options for winter skills training. The first evening was spent on a theory sessions, kit check, issuing of helmets and fitting crampons. After checking the weather and avalanche forecast a plan was agreed on for the first day.

The first day was spent progressing core winter skills and movement on snow covered terrain. This allowed us to move higher and reach the summit of Cairngorm then descend safely whilst negotiating the strong winds!

We ventured into Coire an t-Sneachda for the second day, evaluating conditions as we went but found some ice to further progress our crampon work and ultimately into a gully line which led us to the plateau area. A potential snow hole area proved good and we found some existing snow holes which gave us an opportunity to discuss the selection, construction and benefits of snow holes.

The descent led us around the corrie rim then down a spur which proved useful for discussing winter navigation and negotiating hazards.

On our last day we managed a low level forest walk before heading home after a very busy but satisfying few days in Scotland.

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