Snowdonia weekend (09/02/2019)

Snowdonia weekend

Nick and Nina joined us for a weekend package of winter and mountain skills in Snowdonia. After discussing the planning of mountainous walks including weather, route choice, clothing and equipment we ventured up the PYG track which gave good opportunities to look at the progression of winter walking. Footwork and walking skills are important especially in winter which then leads us to using the ice axe and eventually introducing crampons.We encourage the use of helmets where appropriate and although a personal choice, it's a good idea to have one in your rucksack if venturing onto steep ground in winter. The conditions at the upper levels of the mountain were ideal for putting all this together and the descent along the PYG track meant we could look at other options including using different techniques for descent and personal security on steep ground. On the Sunday we headed over to Moel Siabod to concentrate on Mountain skills and in particular navigation. Nina and Nick were keen to dust off the navigational cobwebs and re familiarise themselves with using a map and compass. We looked at all the basic steps and worked up to using the most suitable techniques for navigating in mountainous terrain. Add to this the practical use of a group shelter and discussions regarding hazards and emergency procedures meant the weekend was packed full of useful information, new skills, refreshing existing skills and looking forward to having their own adventures with more confidence in their own abilities.

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